White Eagle

by Heccra

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White Eagle was recorded without intent to be released, while I was working at a shitty seafood restaurant, paying for tickets, being harassed by police, and feeling the nihilism of being trapped in a foggy, dark, and wet, hometown.

Funeral Sounds has a tape cassette of White Eagle for $5.00 USD


released April 2, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Brain Damage Is My Friend
Lying on my face
in the street
in the night
in the night.

Purple Sky
Blue light
Black truth
Green Eyes

hugging the curb,
searching for you

Trying to rewind time,
to get to you

Bleeding out my fucking face
Grate my eyes on the pavement
Green Monsters are not your friends

I wish life was my VCR

Read your notes once, then read them again
brain damage is not your friend.
Track Name: Homecoming
Oh! Saccharine sex, that's homecoming
Pretty girls in pretty dresses.

(impressive right?)
Track Name: Greenfields
the moon is so bright, you could hardly call this night.
You're so pretty it's not fair (that I can't touch you.)

I'll put flowers in your hair girl.
you pretty little thing, you pretty little thing
Track Name: VHS Porn
Watching Porn
on VHS
when I was ten,
once day I'll be in love like them.

Slashing tires, and Lying
Drinking, and Driving
Staying up all night writing songs about you. and me, and you, and me...
Track Name: Monster Cul De Sac
Run! to the shed, grab the Ax, Cut the head. Wake up, from the dream, realize it's all the same. Monsters walking out of my head, I am frozen.
Grab your ax. I'm the devil.
Track Name: Shitty Water
I'm not the only boy in her dreams. Oh, there's times we're together, and you press your chest in my face. I question "how could I hate this?" But it's bad for my lack of patience. Train Wrecks, Oh God...

I'm the alpha, you're the Beta. I fell in love with a girl named Kappa Theta.

Let's play the game where I hold your head underwater, and you suffer.
Track Name: Your Window, Bye
I, am, right outside, the window by, the window by your bed room

I, am, right outside, the window by, the window by your bed room

I, fall, victim to, victim to, your pretty hair, your underwear.

Nothing is coming up, Nothing is going on, I swear.

I fall
to your
pretty hair
Track Name: AM
I taste my snot, I taste my tears. you taste my jizz, tell me what you think it is? Am I a magic boy, or is my mind forever ruined?

I hope it's not just another mistake, another thing to make me shake my head "Oh, no..."
Track Name: Best Dreams Ever
I am not afraid, of razordblades,
this is just a test.

I ran from the coast to avoid the coming wave, and got swallowed by the sea, They're coming after me
I ran from the world to avoid the coming storm, and got saven by the sea, They're watching over me.

(A massive power outage blacked out the entire town
I looked up and saw more stars than I've ever seen)

If we, cut the power
station, cause a massive black out
we can see the stars that
we have never seen yet.

Danger cures Boredom,

I have to destroy,
Track Name: 1997: There's No Future!
we can
change the world
lets blow
up the school

i watch
sonic run
than robotnik

There's no future

There's no future

Eat shit