The Devil​-​Faces of My Old Friends, Beneath Me (Scrapped Tracks)

by Heccra

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This is not the finished Devil-Faces. There will be major changes made.


released April 2, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bikeride Eyes
Collecting Rain Clouds in my Bag of Fields and Grass,
Time shows the change of Mountains and Hills to Flats. But they'll be more mountains.
You're mad because I've ruined your perfect Trap...
Waste No Time, You must begin,
I know You'll Spin...
What Changed us from Lovers to Friends?
Another Web Again

Oh, You've got bike ride eyes, Baby let's go and ride.
Baby let's go and ride.
Track Name: Koala Bear
So climb a chain link fence to the moon
and let your wrist blood drop, to its doom.
I'm running though the forest with my pockets full of gummy bears
running from the future with my backpack full of koala bears

Fuck this life and the police state
burn your brain so you won't be shark bait
waiting for the sea, to take a bite out of me
I'm running the forest with my pockets full of gummy bears
telling all my friends to climb the trees while I dry my tears
watching for hot air balloons to pick us up and shush our fears
waiting for the day that I can sail away. Sail away.

I have tasted all the flavors of the sea, and that is everything I need.